"Love...Friendship, Desire....Loyalty. And that's understandable. He is our comrade...Our Mother...Our

Beloved...A Numen."

- Usui Shusei

Zweilt Guardians are Guardians of the Light of God and are part of the Giou Clan.

Background Edit

The Zweilt Guardian were the people gifted with holy powers from God. It's unknown who were the Original, But so far, It's only know that they were people who were gifted.

Their only focus is to protect Yuki from the Duras and Reiga.

In the present day, There are ten Guardians, but in the past there were many more.

Relationship with Yuki Edit

Yuki is their whole world. Once they are seven, They immediately gain a attraction to Yuki. For them, Yuki is their master.

Takashiro, Then explained on Chapter 29, "When they lose Yuki, The Zweilts will take psychological Damage." Meaning if Yuki is no where in their sight, The Zweilts will go mad. Some of them don't feel the affect strongly, Like Senshirou, And some are able to hold their urges, Like Kuroto.

It's unknown why they are like this. But, the Zweilts aren't the only ones, It's everyone in the Giou Clan that is this way to Yuki.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's kind of feels...Like the Lights...Have gone out all over the house...Just because Yuki isn't here..." Tsukumo to the others. Ch. 29, Pg. 3
  • "They all have a sense of loyalty towards Yuki." Takashiro to Isuzu. Ch. 29, Pg. 4.
  • "Long Ago, It was more like Master and Retainer relationship...I suppose..." Takashiro to Isuzu. Ch. 29, Pg. 4
  • "Particularly for the Zweilts...It runs in their blood. It's engraved deep into their cells. It doesn't even need to be taught they live and breath it." Takashiro to Isuzu. Ch. 29, Pg. 4
  • "At the moment, They aren't quite conscious...But the axis on which their world revolves is Yuki, Their Master. To be beside Yuki...To receive his love and take his orders - That is their ultimate happiness. And so when they get nothing of that sort, Stress begins to build up inside of them. None of them like to be deprive of Yuki." Takashiro to Isuzu. Ch. 29, Pg. 5
  • "They all long to be...In his arms."
  • "I would actually say that all Zweilts, Tsukumo, and Touko too...Have special feelings for Yuki. How deep these feelings are differs from person to person...But every Zweilt feels like that for this one person. Yuki is the source of our life. He gives up vital force, and he shares our pain. No wonder we love him, Right?" Shusei to Hotsuma. Ch. 19, Pg. 13


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